Friday, 17 April 2015

Odds and Sods from the Midweek

...When the wife's away Mr Smiffy will play - well that's the usual plan - but unfortunately work is not that simple - I could have gone wild this week - Oldham Boro on Wednesday and Curzon Ashton on Thursday - hang on ... I did get up to the Oldham Boro v Daisy Hill game - 15 minutes late (to be told Oldham 2-1 down) - no more goals in the first half - and the club was shut - I buggered off to be honest !!   Anyway here's a pic of Nick Alexander who scored the equaliser after I'd gone  ...

Thursday - a chance to go to Curzon Ashton ... but no - I'm just knackered ... crazy really - wife's away but I'm just not up to it ... Thursday's  photo is not pretty - trains do travel at fast speeds ... just outside of Mossley station ..

We reckon it's a fox ..

Anyways... to cheer you all up - here's Mossley AFC on Wednesday at half-time ...

Saturday football ???  Curzon Ashton at home to Halesowen - the fight for play-off positions continues ... or Mossley v Clitheroe (a meaniningless end of season game) - we'll see what time I finish work ...

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