Monday 22 September 2014

Ashton, Halesowen ... and Motor Bikes ..

Work .. football - back to Hurst Cross to see the home time "finally" get the win (the less said about the first half the better - but even more worrying was the lack of Hornbeam "Voyager" in the Social Club !).  Some inspired substitutions made all the difference after the break, and whilst only 1-0, Ashton did look more comfy.  Game pics at

Ashton United 1 Halesowen Town 0 

Sunday was - supposedly - rest day - sort out the Quiz for the "Britannia" in the evening was Job #1 - however 'twas interrupted by mercy dash out to buy printer ink in order to print off the picture round. 

Once sorted, home, print picture round and sneak off to Greenfield to try something new viz. taking photos of motor bikes - the Oldham Road Wizards MCC were holding a show. Some pics at

Road Wizards Bike Show 21Sep14

Never been much a a motor bike "Afficianado" ... but all afternoon my eyes were always being drawn back to the old classics - the BSAs, the Norton (only one) and the Vincent.  But some of the custom bikes (and trikes) were amazing ... time for a quick pint in the "Railway" before train home (and to see the last 15 minutes of the Leicester/ManUtd game - gosh !).  Sort tea - finish off quiz ... and then go and do it !!

Football this week ??? Yeah ... why not ...

(OK Mossley v Scarborough Athletic tomorrow night)

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