Thursday 25 September 2014

Mossley v Scarborough Athletic ...

Mitch Bryant does "Hong Kong Phooey" ... 

OK ... close !!!

... on a very wet Tuesday night (still drying out body and camera gear - my excuse for late post !!).  'Twas always going to be an interesting one this - Scarboro' up there with a 100% home record ... but not so clever away ... and Mossley on a roll.  (not forgetting a certain Gary Bradshaw up front (remembered by yours truly from his days at North Ferriby - we once met his Dad in the Ferriby clubhouse after said player had been sent off against Mossley - Dad's words ?  "Serves him right !!").

Anyway - it rained - and rained - and rained - and it was a very even first half (but we all knew Mossley were playing downhill second half ... so ...).  An early second half goal put Mossley ahead - sadly cocked up photographically speaking - I'd been a good boy at half-time - lens cap on before heading for the warmth and dryness/wetness(!!) of the Social Club - and then waited until going outside before removing lens cap - however it STILL fogged up (bugger bugger bugger !!!) - putting it down to intravenous water or some such excuse.  A Scarboro pen made it 1-1 not long after ... but Mossley looked good - looked strong - and got their reward.  Pics from the game at

Mossley 2 Scarborough Athletic 1

Bad night Wednesday (hence pix etc only going up now) - failed 'fridge in the house. Spent a good while trying to save money, sadly to no avail - door problems - new hinges plus gasket is over a ton before you start (it's one of those built-in buggers as well) - and the golden rule is "Once you start replacing bits, other bits go", so - in the long run .. sod it - buy new ... so we will (hence tonight's tea is - - - - stuff from the fridge !!!).

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