Tuesday 2 September 2014

The Weekend after ....

Bradley Robinson and Nathan Fox ...

Another working Saturday in Paradise (viz. Greenfield !!) followed by a dash up to Hurst Cross to see Ashton United take on Stamford (as in 4 wins out of 4 - top of the table).  A good tight game that was eventually decided with 5 minutes to go ... can't comment on the penalty ("wrong end" etc etc), but 'twas a shame to see the "wrong side" of Paul Philips show itself again.  Maybe the Stamford players DID over-egg it a bit ... but no excuse at the end of the day.  Pics from the game at  

Ashton United 0 Stamford 1 

 Don't you just LOVE strange rock formations !!!

Sunday - a trip out to Derbyshire for a bit of a walk and also to check out some stone circles- good walk (just wish people would stay out of my bloody pictures !!!) apart from a few "road bits"... pics at

Nine Ladies Walk 31Aug14

Busy couple of days at work since (hence delay here) - the so-called "summer lull" is well and truly over.  Hey ho - football tonight - the FA Cup replay 'twixt Mossley and Burscough (after the 1-1 draw at Burscough on Saturday) - not only is there £1,925 up for grabs for the winners - but also a home tie against Curzon Ashton in the next round.

Fingers crossed .....

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