Friday 17 October 2014

Stalybridge Celtic v Nantwich Town ...

Paul Ennis ... plus rain !!!

... in the Cheshire Senior Cup ... on Wednesday (yes late again !!) - having decided against Curzon v Blyth on Monday due to weather - and Mossley away on Tuesday (shame ... they won 1-0 !) I went for the Wednesday option - weather still grim though - hey ho.

... and what a p*ss poor performance that was from Stalybridge - a thoroughly deserved 2-0 defeat on the (grim) night -bravo to ex-Ashton United Manager Danny Johnson and his troops - over the 90 they made the "full-time" team that is Stalybridge look awful.   Bad weather as well for us snappers - but I managed a few (given the score, naturally all at the wrong end !)

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Nantwich Town 2

It's been a sh*tty week all round to be honest ... weather, a lot of mail/parcels ... and of course a very sore bottom.  Had the full "investigation" interview today (which includes going to the "scene of the crime", photos etc etc).  Appparently Royal Mail (in conjunction with the Police) WILL prosecute - which I'm not too happy about - whatever happened to yellow card then red card ??? Admittedly, had the dog attack caused serious injuries (viz incapacitation etc) maybe maybe ??? But - although it was a hospital job, I was still in for work on Monday.  Reckon they're working on the premise (brought about by lazy-arsed workers - of which there are many !!) that I should have phoned in sick on Monday and gone for a week or two on the sick (Post Traumatic Dog Disorder or summat ?!?). Sod that - get on with it - give 'em a warning .. and if it happens again then - and only then -  go for the prosecution.  Watch this space ...

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