Wednesday 8 October 2014

Shrewsbury ... and Stalybridge

"Charlie is me Darwin"

 A non-football weekend for a change - finished work and then drove down to Shrewsbury to meet wife (who'd gone down earlier on train).  We were meeting Nathan - who my wife taught in school nearly 40 years ago whilst on VSO in Nigeria (Otukpo to be exact) !!!  By the time I got there it was virtually 'get changed and food time' - plus natter/memories etc that I knew nowt about !!  Overnight stop and then Sunday was a wander round, boat trip down the Severn, museum, lunch and then home ... have to say though we didn't do too well vis-a-vis food in Shrewsbury - like to think we chose a few wrong 'uns ... a few touristy snaps at

Shrewsbury 05Oct14

Back to work Monday - and it's been chaotic/shambolic to say the least (up to Wednesday anyway !).  Sickness/absences ... and it all goes to cock !! Phone call at 0615 Tuesday morning ... "Can you come in early" etc etc etc.  Weather's been poor too ... and today I had to drive the van  - I was partnered with someone who'd never done the walk - so I let him do the "walker side" while I did the "driver side" (which I'd never done before - but at least I knew where we were going !!!).  At least the overtime will recompense !!!

Another Stalybridge attack halted ...

Tuesday night saw a trip to Stalybridge to watch them play Guiseley (if I'd stayed on the bus I could have got to Glossop - who were playing Mossley - but I'd have probably got there at about half-time !). Talking of choosing a wrong 'un - Stalybridge were taught a footballing lesson last night - while Mossley won 2-1 at Glossop - hey ho - pics from Bower Fold at 

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Guiseley 3

Tonight ... a well-deserved rest ...

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