Sunday, 12 October 2014

An Eventful Saturday ...

... to say the least !!!!

Work in the morning was "livened up" somewhat ... by a real live dog bite inflicted on yours truly - walking down the road when a large alsatian (off lead) came haring towards me with all guns blazing.  As taught, the bag was used to protect my front - however dog ran round and bit me from behind ... in a rather 'awkward place' (I'll let you decide !). Having lifted up trouser leg to see no blood pouring down it, I finished off before checking the damage.  Ouch - five puncture wounds in that 'awkward place'.  Better safe than sorry thought I ... so it was off to Tameside Hospital to get it looked at - they cleaned it up before giving me the tetanus jobbie (and a pile of penicillin).  Got home in time to grab bag and shoot up the hill to see the "local derby" - Mossley v Droylsden.

Tom Pratt on the ball ...

A very good performance from the home team - and a result that surprised many (myself included !) - a 4-2 win and a very healthy attendance of 389.  Pics from the game at

Mossley 4 Droylsden 2

Home - and it was starting to hurt a bit more !!  Quiet night in (with a lot of standing up !!!)

Sunday - and the bruising is coming up nicely - naturally I did report this to my Manager so no doubt there'll be forms to fill in at work tomorrow etc etc etc.  I've even took a couple of "selfies" - because they'll probably be needed.  Before anyone asks though, I will not be going down the blame/claim line - call me stupid (!) but my only real concern is that the dog owner gets a talking to (especially as some new people have moved in across the road - and they have a small child).  We'll see what goes off tomorrow.

In the meantime - "webs on the web" - some pics taken this morning in a damp and foggy back garden.

 Time to limp off into the sunset ...

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