Tuesday 21 October 2014

Curzon Ashton v Witton Albion

Smiley Happy People - Sam Walker has just made it 2-1 ...

Far from the cakewalk that I guess many were expecting last night - the struggling visitors gave Curzon one hell of a fright before a cracking free kick and a penalty gave Curzon the edge.  Witton came out the the blocks with all guns blazing, taking an early lead and making the home team lokk very sluggish indeed.  In fact they had chances to increase that lead, but some wayward finishing (and some good work by Curzon 'keeper Hakan Burton) meant it was only 0-1 at half-time.  Curzon improved after the break and the pressure finally told in the end.  Pics from the game at

If Witton play like that every week, they won't be at the wrong end of the table for too long - especially with Tony Sullivan now in the Manager's seat.

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