Monday 27 October 2014

Ashton United v Ilkeston FC

 Well I got there ... but it wasn't easy - trains have been sh*te all week to work (despite my two days off on Monday and Tuesday) and true to form we ended up "struggling" on Saturday.  However we got there in the end ('cus we're GOOD !!) and I got up to Hurst Cross for the game.  Always had a soft spot for Ilkeston (from now on to be referred to as "Ilson") - mostly down to the closeness to Belper (when I could do faraway games on a Saturday).  However ... times change - Ilkeston Town "disappeared" and now we have Ilkeston FC.  A couple of years ago I did manage to get down there (or should I say "daarn there" !) for a cup game against Belper Town (see blog post) - and you could see the difference 'twixt Ilkeston Town and Ilkeston FC - ideas above their station etc etc etc ....

Ilson take the lead - spot the hairy one far right !!!

But I digress - got up to Hurst Cross in time for a quick "snifter" pre-match ...  plenty of Ilson fans there - but apart from Phil ... all the peeps I know of old (Sean, Nosmo, Mi Owd) apparently don't bother anymore - damn shame.

Anyway to the game ... in short Ashton were taught a lesson by a very good team - second half subs made a helluva difference, but while Ashton's keeper Phillo kept the score down in the first half, the Ilson 'keeper Jordan Smith did similar after the break.  No complaints with the score from anyone. 

Pics from the game at

Ashton United 0 Ilkeston FC 2

(You never know ... some of the pics might end up in a) the Ashton prog tomorrow night; b) the local freebie paper on Thursday as the usual Ashton snapper was "off sick" ... we'll see !).

Football this week - looks like a return tomorrow to Hurst Cross for the Ashton United v Skelmersdale game - although if work continues as it is continuing ... aargh.. Mossley do have a friendly at home to Atherton Collieries as well.  We'll see ...

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