Monday 9 February 2015

Football-Free Saturday

They've come a long way (through several re-incarnations mind ...)

Plans were for the Curzon Ashton v Belper Town game - sadly when I got home from work I found out it was off.  By then it was too late to get to anywhere else .. so I sulked in the pub watching a ticker tape on Sky Sports News - not my favourite way of spending a Saturday.

Later on I started my "Job for the Week" - a week's holiday which involves "sorting out" a shed-load of football programmes (many of which need offloading - or according to Mrs Smiffy ALL of them !!).  Decision was made to scan in the covers.  First efforts are here ... going back to the very first year of the Northern Premier League ...

Northern Premier Football Programmes 1968/69

MONDAY - cracking on today as well - must have done over 150 covers ... to be announced !!!  At least there's proper football tomorrow.

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