Monday 16 February 2015

Mossley v Ossett Albion

"The eyes have it" - man balances ball on head

... so we weren't allowed to listen to James singing "Ossett Town Osset Town Ossett Town Sit Down Next To Me".  A holiday Saturday for this postie .. so what happens ??? Too many local teams at home ... and an organised engagement in Rochdale in the evening.  Therefore thuswise so ... stay local (had it not been for the Rochdale "tryst", I'd have probably aimed for Newcastle Town v Stafford Rangers - but hey ho).  First thoughts after that were Stalybridge v Brackley (and sooo glad I didn't in the end !) - but ... I just got lazy (it's allowed surely ?!?) and had a late wake-up (luxury !!), bit of a tidy-up and then up the road to watch the game at Seel Park.

Mossley - unbeaten in 2015 - looked good for a comfy win on Saturday against lowly Ossett Albion (they were just above Ossett Town in the table !) - but no ... it was a lot harder than that.  A very even first half saw it goalless (my word to peeps in the club were "We'll walk it second half!)  - and sub Josh Granite (you've got to luurve that name for a big centre-back !) got up to put Mossley in front five minutes after the break.  Credit to Ossett mind - they kept plugging away (a couple of good chances denied by keeper and blocking defenders) - Mossley still had chances as well - some good work by Ossett 'keeper Brett Souter - but at the end of the day, 'twas three points for the home team - and the 2015 unbeaten run continues.  Pics from the game at

Mossley 1 Ossett Albion 0

This week - probably nowt - but if you hang on a bit ... I've got some stuff from Friday - messing about with the new lens (plus extension tubes) - actually let's go for it now ....

My beer ...

Yeah - goofed about on Friday - having been asked to come in to work on Thursday/Friday ... Thursday no probs - turned up Friday to find "sick person was well" (nice to be told !!!). SO went home. mucked about then went out with the 24mm lens - weather was sh*te so ended up messing about with it - plus extension tubes - in the pub.  Pics from the afternoon booze session at

Close up Stuff

The Sunday walk was interesting as well - a slight "communication breakdown" meant the camera never made it !!!! I've took some pics on the cameraphone - but I still need to download them (can't find the microSD adapter - give me time) - but I'm sure there's plenty up top for you to be going at !!!

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