Wednesday 25 February 2015

Mossley v Radcliffe Borough

 Captain Keogh prepares to make it 3-0 ...

Cold Cold Cold ... and that was at 0630hrs in the morning ... didn't get much better rain, sleet, more rain etc etc - you get the picture ... home to cook a special request from Mrs Smiffy - an Aubergine and Tomato Bake (made sure I did some meat on the side for me mind !!) - and then off up the (cold) road to (a cold) Seel Park to see if Mossley could continue their "Unbeaten in 2015" run.

No problem.  3-0 up at half-time (playing the "wrong way" !!) - 4-0 soon after (afraid I missed the fourth goal - I was being offered some Pussers Rum from a hip flask at the time - certainly helped to combat the cold - but at a price - sorry Rio !!!).  Late goal for Radcliffe messed up the "clean sheet" option, but another three points is good ... shame everyone else around is/are also winning - hey ho, just a question of keeping the momentum going and hoping for slip-ups elsewhere ... pics from the game at 

Mossley 4 Radcliffe Borough 1

Almost tropical at work today mind ... nearly 7 degrees !!!  Mrs Smiffy away so went for the Arsenal option ... hmmm

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