Thursday 12 February 2015

Mossley v Irlam ...

Man with head behind ball - OK it's John Bennett ...

Hooray Hooray ... it's a holiday week - enjoyed Monday (scanning in programme covers), enjoyed Tuesday (scanning in MORE programme covers) - thence to Seel Park for the Manky Prem Cup Semi versus Irlam.  Early goal settled the nerves (still sorting out camera settings - usual excuse - nowt to do with the pre-match pint - honest !!).  All went a bit "even" after that with Irlam stretching Mossley a bit (and Andy Farrimond in the Mossley goal having to do a bit !).

A goal for Mossley early doors in the second half (officially Tom Dean - but Andy Keogh did all the hard work) settled us few (OK 101) fans ... but credit to Irlam - maybe a "touch" physical (North West Counties ??) but still a few scares before Mossley put it to bed in the last five minutes with a couple more goals - which made the score slightly flattering in my humble opinion ...  pics from game at

Mossley 4 Irlam FC 0

So - holiday week - doing all the things you do when you can ... until the Wednesday afternoon phone call - "So-and-so's gone sick - do you fancy working Thursday/Friday/Saturday ???".  Well - weighing it up ..sitting in a cold house all day (or putting the heating on ?) - wife's still at work - I'd done all the "things you do when you can" ... why not ??? APART from Saturday of course !!!!!!!!

So that was Thursday ... now to cook tea (Mediterranean Lamb).

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